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Good business centre in chennai ‎ - Veera‎ - Sep 8,


The interior is awesome,the service is very good, Our company was there for 11 months ,my business improved a lot , they maintain the place very well ,they do not disturb us in any regard ,very friendly , a lucky place for me , i moved because my business improved and i had to go for a bigger place ,they have about 6000 sqft of business centre area and they gave us option of expanding my business by giving more cabins ,It was wonderful being in Goldenrays business centre ,all the best 

                                                          Er.Verappan and Associates

"Our company was able to setup our Business Operations so fast with Goldenrays we signed the agreement in about a hour and started within a day ,Good location ,nice service, all the best"

                                              360 degree solutions,Naveen

" Our business improved after being a part of Golden rays, we previously operated from a small apartment ,but after coming to this business centre Our clients came more often  and gave us more business,Thanks to Yogesh "


Golden rays business centre is a Awesome...‎ - Princy - Apr 21,


We had taken up this business center a few months back and we got excellent services ,very prompt ,cleanly maintained ,very impressed with the interior and management ,ambiance,etc., fortunate to get a cabin ,we stayed for just a few months ,hired meeting room ,they are open even on Sundays with special request,One point of advice would be that if you can have a small food court arrangement it would be good ,Yogesh was very kind help us in setting up our business ,wishing you well for all your future endeavors ,god bless 

                                                                                                                                          -   Princy

Golden Rays Business Center - Value for Money‎ - ARZ Consultancy‎ - Apr 22,


I have used their service in West Mambalam and have found their service very courteous and warm. Infact the value for money was so much that I wanted to run my small business there if not for the need to expand to a bigger office space. I wish them all the very best and hope they provide the same quality of service and support to many budding entreprenuers. M Mohamed Ali Senior Associate ARZ Consultancy


Mohamed ALi ,ARZ Consultancy

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