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No heavy investments. No need to work on interiors. Or spend on furniture or printers and fax machine. Welcome to the world of serviced offices, where you can one fine day decide to start an office, and in a matter of few hours set one up, without the hassle of brokerage. 

Experts say that in the wake of rising rent costs, a lot of companies, including start-ups, have taken to hiring virtual and serviced offices that are available at a fraction of the regular cost. These alternative workplaces attract freelancers, small firms, start-ups, entrepreneurs looking to save space and money, or companies that want to set up a branch office in a different city. Efficiency is the mantra of the serviced office.

Why do you Need a Business Centre?

Why do you need a Business Centre?

You may have visited Several Places for you office setup, to Start an office setup You would require to spent on the following

  1. Advance of atleast 10 months Deposit

  2. Interiors for the Premises such as Painting, Flooring, Light fitting, Toilet accessories, may be required to repair some broken or damaged doors and windows, the cost for most of these will not be borne by the Owner of the premises.

  3. Furnishing like table, chairs, furnitures, reception tables , etc. Most of these have very poor resale value and becomes a dead investment later on.

  4. Office equipment like Printer, Fax, Photocopier.

  5. Appointing staff as Receptionist, Office assitant, house keeping (for cleaning and maintenance) and Security.

  6. Owners charge seperately for electricity bill, and sometimes they charge more than the govt rate.

  7. In many case refund of the advance is not given to the clients or delayed, differed payment given. if you choose a normal office space.

The Expenses incurred for so many of these things can be saved by choosing a business centre.

If You Choose a Business Centre

  1. Advance for the premises is less

  2. No need to rent 1000 sqft or 1500 sqft for minimal staffs

  3. No need for separate office boys or receptionist /security

  4. No need to invest on Chairs, tables, air conditions ,etc

  5. Very ideal for Initial setup ,Low investment on Office space

  6. Your visitor can be answered in your absence.

  7. Wait for the business to grow and then move to bigger premises

All You need to do is Share the common reception area with few others

Common Meeting room ,common parking ,no need to worry about paying separate electricity bills ,electrical deposits.

If You are convinced that business centre is better than Rent out a Business centre, then you can choose one..AND you can choose ours.

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